Refuting Some Common Myths About Dumpster Rentals

Posted on: 23 August 2016

When you are undertaking an improvement project on your home, it is critical for you to have a plan in place to address the large amounts of debris and trash that will be created during this work. To this end, it is possible for you to rent a dumpster to make it easier to dispose of these materials. However, if you have not had experience with using a dumpster rental service, you will likely benefit from having a few of the more common myths and misconceptions about these services refuted.

Myth: It Will Be Too Expensive To Rent A Dumpster For Small Projects

There is a concern among some individuals that dumpster rentals are only suitable for extremely large projects. Yet, this is not actually true as these services are able to provide dumpsters of varying sizes to their clients. This makes it possible to choose one that will be ideal for your needs. Furthermore, these services typically charge based on the weight of the garbage that is being removed.

Myth: You Can Put Anything In Your Dumpster

Another of the more common misconceptions that individuals may have when it concerns dumpsters is that they will be able to place anything into their standard dumpster. However, these services actually have strict rules in place that will govern what can be placed inside the dumpster. In particular, flammable, toxic or other dangerous substances  are usually excluded from being placed in these dumpsters due to safety concern. Also, there are typically limitations on the electronics that can be placed in the dumpster as most landfills have special disposal procedures for these devices.

If you are anticipating needing to remove dangerous or otherwise banned materials, you will need to arrange to have a specialty dumpster that is designed for these materials provided. These dumpsters may be more expensive to rent, but this can be a minor price to pay for avoiding the expensive fines or other liabilities that can arise from improper disposal of these materials.  

Myth: It Is Difficult To Place A Dumpster

The placement of a dumpster can be another major point of confusion for some individuals. It is often assumed that these dumpsters can only be placed on paved surfaces. Luckily, dumpsters can be placed wherever the ground is strong enough to support its weight. As a result, you will not be limited to paved surfaces, but you will still need to avoid soft clays and areas with loose soil.

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