Three Things To Consider About Slabjacking To Repair Your Concrete Driveway

Posted on: 26 May 2017

If you have a portion of your concrete driveway that is sinking, you are likely thinking about resurfacing the driveway or perhaps replacing the entire driveway. But there is another option to consider and that is having the portion of your driveway that is sinking lifted. Known as slabjacking, this can be an attractive alternative to the traditional solutions. The following are a few things to consider about slabjacking.

Slabjacking is a solution to the problem

Because it is the lowest cost repair, you may be thinking about resurfacing the driveway, but this is not a solution. The cause of the sinking is related to the ground the cement slab is sitting on. Sometimes the soil can experience shrinking or erosion. But more often than not, the culprit is improper installation of the cement driveway. The ground was never compacted properly before the cement was poured. Without addressing the soil problem, a quick resurfacing of the slab will only provide a temporary, cosmetic solution. The sinking of your driveway will continue. Slabjacking, or slab lifting, will solve the problem with the soil.

Slabjacking is easier and faster than constructing a new driveway

In order to address the issue of the soil, the slab must be broken up, and then the soil packed tightly. After the soil issue is fixed, new cement can be poured. So basically, you are getting a brand new driveway. The alternative solution of slabjacking addresses the issue of the soil by drilling several holes into the cement slab and injecting a grout solution to create a stronger soil foundation while filling in any voids. Through pressure and hydraulics, the slab is then lifted into position, providing a permanent solution. This is faster than tearing up the old cement and installing a new driveway. But the desired effect is still achieved.

Slabjacking does not damage your landscape

Removing concrete can damage your lawn. A combination of the equipment and the cement being removed can create the need to plant new grass around the edges of your driveway. If you have flowers or bushes, these too can be destroyed. There is not much that can be done about this. But when you choose slabjacking, there is no issues with damage to your landscape. There are only a few holes drilled into the slab.

You can have your concrete slab lifted at any time. This is much different than with pouring cement that requires a certain minimum weather conditions to give it a chance to dry. You can contact your local slabjacker to get an estimate for the job.