Keeping Visitors Safe Around Warehouse Machinery

Posted on: 24 June 2017

If you own your own warehouse and you just purchased a piece of equipment to aid in getting production done quicker, you are most likely excited about having your employees utilize this tool as soon as possible. It is necessary to take some precautions when using a new piece of machinery to ensure those who are in the area are not at risk for a potential injury. If you conduct tours of your facility to the public, it is necessary to take steps in protecting visitors around machinery. Here are some tips you can use to keep visitors safe around your employees while they're machining.

Use Yellow Ribbon And Floor Tape To Indicate Off-Limit Areas

It is a good idea to alert those visiting your establishment about the processes your employees do each day. Explain the importance of pieces of machinery, as well as the risks in getting too close to them. Hang chains or yellow ribbons to indicate areas visitors should not cross when visiting your warehouse. Sticking colored tape on the floors to show where visitors should remain walking will also be helpful in keeping them safe around machinery. 

Provide Visitors With Maps Of The Entire Warehouse

Hand out maps of your facility to each of those who come to visit. Clear markings showing areas that are considered to be dangerous will keep visitors from straying off the pathway you provide for their tour. Make sure maps are kept with each visitor at all times. Laminating them so they do not fade or fall victim to a moisture accident is helpful. Diagrams showing each piece of machinery on the map along with the word "Danger" will help in keeping visitors from getting too close to them.

Give Visitors The Proper Safety Gear Needed

Those visiting your warehouse should wear the same safety gear that employees use when working with machinery. This clothing will help to keep people protected from the risk of an accident if they get too close to a piece of equipment. Hard hats, goggles, gloves, and protective jackets will help to keep visitors from getting hurt. Make sure to have blade covers on any piece of machinery with a sharp edge. Lockout tags should be used on pieces of equipment in need of repair work so they cannot be utilized by someone walking past. Make sure you have a tour guide available to check that safety equipment is being used properly throughout a visiting session.