How Business Owners Can Reduce Their Heavy Machinery Liability

Posted on: 28 June 2017

In order to complete many kinds of construction jobs, such as demolitions and steel framing, heavy duty equipment has to be utilized. You should have workers who are trained and experienced in operating all heavy construction equipment so that there's little chance of any accidental damage occurring. You should also purchase liability insurance plans that will protect your company if you ever have to be concerned about legal action that is taken by an employee or a client. The way that your company goes about crane inspections can prevent you from having your heavy equipment malfunction, which is important if you run bustling construction sites. Here are the standards that you should follow when having your cranes inspected and the types of professionals that need to certify all crane inspections:

Crane Inspection Frequency Versus Usage

If there are pieces of construction equipment at your company that aren't used that often or used to maximum capacity, you can safely hold annual inspections for them. For all other machinery, you need to have a seasoned professional performing an inspection on the equipment at least on a quarterly basis. Crane inspections may even need to be rendered on a daily basis if your company has been burning the midnight oil in an attempt to get an important project completed within a very tight deadline. In short, the more that you use your cranes and heavy construction equipment the more that you should increase inspections, and the longer your inspection checklist should grow.

Keeping Heavy Construction Equipment Up To Code

The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration has standards that businesses need to maintain when they use overhead cranes for construction and other business purposes. Although a new crane may be tested and promised to work well, you will still need to have crane inspections performed if you what to guarantee operator safety. Ideally, you should hire a crane inspector who fully understands OSHA regulations and can comply with the rigorous standards this agency has in place. Having detailed crane inspections performed will help you trust that all of your equipment is operational and alleviates any concerns you have about construction equipment failure on the job.

Although a crane that has been inspected regularly can still have functionality issues, businesses can quickly produce written documentation showing that they did everything possible to prevent accidents. You can focus fully on your line of work and move your company ahead when you know that your heavy machinery and cranes have been inspected and approved for regular usage by a trained inspector.

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