3 Features To Look For In A Rolling Cart For Next School Year

Posted on: 7 July 2017

If you are a teacher who has to switch classrooms and work areas during the day, or if you are a teacher that has to share equipment and supplies with another classroom, a rolling cart can be a great and easy way to stay mobile and organized at the same time. Here are a few features that you should look for in a rolling cart for the new school year:

#1 Height

The first thing that you want to take into consideration when purchasing a rolling cart is the height. Does the height of the cart matter to you? Can you only fit a certain sized cart in your workspace? Will be it easier for you to push the cart if it is taller? Think about where you want to use the cart and how you would move the cart when considering the overall height that is useful to you. 

Next, think about functional uses associated with the height of the cart. Do you plan on using the cart as a stand for a projector or display? If so, you need to make sure that it is either adjustable or tall enough for the rooms where you want to use it. 

#2 Types Of Storage

One of the most important features is that a rolling cart offers you as a teacher is the storage. Think carefully about the type of storage you are going to need. Do you need a locked storage area to secure student records and electronics? Do you need a file cabinet? Do you need large shelves to put educational toys or equipment on? 

Try to put together all of the items you think you would store in your push cart. Then think about what the best storage option for all of those items would be and look for a cart that has those storage features. You may want to look for a cart that has adjustable features, so you can change the set-up of the cart as your needs change.

#3 Strength Of The Cart

Finally, you should take the overall strength of the cart into consideration. You want to purchase a cart that you can push through the hallways of your school, take items on and off of and make it through all the situations it will encounter in a school year. There are a lot of strong plastic rolling carts that you can purchase. However, for the longest-lasting cart, you may want to consider a cart that has a metal base or frame and will last you multiple school years.