Reduce Maintenance And Increase Durability With Powder Coating

Posted on: 22 August 2017

Metal parts that see a lot of use often have issues with paint wearing or rubbing off over time. The exposed metal on the part is bad because it can rust or corrode. Repainting the part is possible but in many cases, it involves taking down a machine while the part is removed, repainted, and reinstalled. In an industrial environment, this is not always possible. There is an alternative. Industrial powder coating.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process that uses fine powder, electricity, and heat to create a durable finish that looks like paint but is much stronger and will last many years longer. There are many color options and the powder can even be mixed with custom colors if you know how to do it. Any place that sells powder will likely be able to mix a custom color for you if you ask.

How Does It Work?

The process involves stripping the old coating off the part and cleaning the metal. Often it is dipped in acid to remove any grease, paint, or oils from the surface. The part is then rinsed to remove the acid and dried completely. The part is then hung in a booth and a ground wire is attached to the part. When the powder is sprayed on the part, it has an electrostatic charge on it and is attracted to the part. Because of this, there is very little over spray or waste involved. Once the part is coated, it is moved to an oven and baked. It is during the baking that the powder changes and all flow together to form what looks like a smooth, shiny painted surface.

How Long Will It Last?

Because the powder is applied electrostatically, it bonds with the steel, becoming part of the material. The powder coating is so durable that it will last far longer than a painted surface. It is resistant to scratching, fading, and chemical agents as well. Depending on the application, powder coating can last for several years to as much as 15 years if the job was done right. The preparation of the steel and the application of the coating are the biggest factors in determining the duration of the end product.

How Is Powder Coating Used?

There are many uses for powder coating including automotive application, metal fencing, industrial equipment, trailers, vehicle parts and accessories, patio furniture, and the list goes on. Most metals that are conductive can take a powder coating and will benefit from it. You can typically take a part or product to a powder coating shop and ask them if you are not sure. They will be able to tell you what they can do and what they think the durability will be for that application.

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