Tips For Reducing Your Company's Energy Consumption And Waste

Posted on: 20 September 2017

One of the biggest financial expenses that many businesses face is their electrical services. Mismanagement of that energy usage can lead to costly electric bills, which are a waste of money as well as a waste of resources. Unfortunately, many business owners believe that they have no opportunities for reducing energy use or they simply don't spend any time looking at their energy usage to see that it's being overused. While it may not be possible to eliminate all energy waste entirely, you can reduce it significantly and minimize your costs as well. Here are some of the areas where you might be able to address waste.

Charging Stations

If you've installed charging stations for electric vehicles, you may find that if it's not installed properly, there's some trickle waste of electricity when the vehicles are plugged in. Have your charging stations evaluated by an industrial technician to make sure that everything is grounded properly, configured correctly, and set up for the most efficient use of electricity to charge your employee's cars.

Building Lighting

The lighting in your building is another common area where electricity is wasted. Whether it's lights being left on unnecessarily or non-efficient lighting fixtures, all of these things can cost your company money that doesn't need to be spent. You can have your entire building assessed for lighting efficiency, upgrade your lights to more efficient options such as LED lights. It's usually a simple retrofit, which means you won't need to have any elaborate electrical work done. And, while you're having the lights changed over, you should also think about installing timers and motion sensors to help ensure that lights are turned off when areas of the building aren't in use.

Electrical Problems

Sometimes problems in your electrical system are to blame for your energy waste. Even with energy-efficient appliances, equipment, and other tools, electrical problems will still lead to wasted power. Consider prioritizing a full building audit of your electrical system to find any potential vulnerabilities. That way, you can spot problems before they become serious and have them repaired before they cost your company a lot of money.

Backup Power Systems

If your building has a critical power need and a standby generator to support it, that can be another source of energy waste. Talk with an industrial electrician to be sure that your generator is grounded as it should be and configured properly so that the electrical supply sensor is not drawing power when it doesn't need to be.

The HVAC System

If your building has an electrical HVAC system, that can be costly. It's even more costly when the system isn't running as intended or the thermostats are not functioning properly. One of the best things you can do is to have the system serviced by an HVAC professional to be sure it's running efficiently, then work with your electrician to be sure that it's wired correctly and the electrical components are secure and functional.

Power Management Controls

If your building isn't fitted with power management tools, you should talk with your electrical contractor about some of the features and fixtures that will help to moderate the electricity consumption. This can include things like additional power meters, solar panels, and similar items. The more proactive you are about watching what's being used and providing other sources for energy, the easier it will be to minimize your company's electrical costs.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can minimize the electricity consumption within your company buildings. Talk with a contractor from a company like Albarell Electric Inc about any new electrical designs or energy management tools that will help you to control your costs and reduce the energy demand of your operations.