3 Useful Tips For CNC Machining

Posted on: 31 January 2018

CNC machining is an incredible process that involves subtracting from a block of material, be it metal or plastic. It can be used to form so many incredible structures, and in order to have success with this process, you need to consider these tips. 

Develop Your Models

Before you start drilling away material, you must first develop a three-dimensional model using the appropriate software. There are many great programs to choose from, depending on your experience and preferred budget. Just make sure you're familiar with the settings and controls, so you can begin working as soon as the program is opened. 

Take your time perfecting the object's design, and make sure you look at it from all angles. This will help you come out with a finished product when it comes time to mill. Also, think about scaling the image up in the program to get a better view of any imperfections present. Once you feel confident with your design, export it to the milling machine to turn your ideas into real-life creations. 

Secure Materials in Place 

CNC machines are extremely powerful and the vibrations that they produce could send your materials flying and possibly cause damage. That's why you need to secure your materials in place before the milling process ever begins.

One of the best objects to secure your materials with is a wooden dowel. It's extremely sturdy and multiple dowels can be set up to secure oddly-shaped materials in place. Also, if you accidentally get too close to the dowels while milling, the drills will cut right through and avoid severe damage.

Choose the Right End Mill

The type of drilling you can perform during CNC machining depends entirely on the end mill you choose. There are many different types to select from. If you're looking to drill quickly, roughing end mills are ideal. They are much faster than finished end mills and leave behind a rough finish.

When working with materials that are harder than plastic, consider using a coated end mill. Usually made out of titanium, these mills are virtually indestructible and provide added confidence when working on hard metals. 

Thanks to CNC machining, there are so many unique projects you can complete. Although these machines do a lot of the work, you still need to know how they operate and understand the different techniques that they involve. Then, you can complete projects on time without any major complications. 

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