5 Easily Forgotten Tips For Proper Water Well Maintenance

Posted on: 10 September 2018

You have your own private water well, and it serves you and your household the fresh water you need, which is truly advantageous. However, owning a private water well also means that you will have one extra thing to maintain on your property. It is well-known that a water well must have regular water tests and occasional cleanouts, but there are some maintenance tasks that get disregarded or handled in an improper way. Take a look at a few of the easily forgotten well maintenance tips every homeowner sometimes needs to be reminded about. 

1. Check the well cap for placement regularly. 

Your wall has a lid on it for a reason. If it comes off, bacteria can easily be introduced to the well water and cause a lot of problems. It is not uncommon for the well cap to get pushed off of the opening by animals, wind, or people, so it should be regularly checked to ensure it is still in place. 

2. Store any chemicals away from your well's location. 

Never leave anything with a chemical formulation near your well. For example, if you've been mowing near the well, don't leave a gallon of gasoline near the opening or a quart of oil on the ground. One simple slip or spill, and you could contaminate the water in your well with dangerous chemicals. 

3. Keep the area around the top of the well mowed and well-maintained. 

Your water well may be a good distance from the house, so it may also be neglected with typical landscaping and mowing, but it really shouldn't be. Overgrown weeds and grass around the well opening can make it difficult to do regular checks to ensure the well is properly covered. Plus, overgrown weeds and grass will be a natural pest attraction. 

4. Purge the well pump every once in a while. 

The well pump works really hard, and it can accumulate sludge and sediment in its water lines with regular everyday use. To maintain the quality of the water that gets pumped through the pump's lines, it is best to purge the pump occasionally and clean out the lines. Check the manufacturer's guidelines on your well pump to determine how this process will work. 

5. Keep snow cleared from the top of the well. 

When the snow starts falling, make sure you do not let large accumulations build up on top of the well cap. Snow buildup can put too much pressure on the well cap and cause it to break. Carefully use a snow shovel to clear away any snow that collects on the cap. 

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