Boost Your Product Quality With Custom Foam Inserts

Posted on: 26 November 2018

Many consumers are choosing to make purchases online. This means that companies today are shipping more products directly to consumers than ever before. The shipping process can pose a threat to the condition and performance of your products.

Custom shipping inserts allow you to provide enhanced protection while packages are being handled by delivery companies. Foam inserts can offer a versatile and affordable solution for your packaging protection needs.

Foam for Electronics

If any of the products that you ship to consumers contain electrical components, then foam inserts can be beneficial. Delicate circuitry and electronic parts are susceptible to damage during shipping. The weight of other boxes, improper handling techniques, and other shipping variables can cause the boxes containing your products to become misshapen.

Foam inserts offer additional structural stability to help protect your products against damage during shipping. Be sure that you utilize anti-static foam to prevent interference when shipping products with an electronic component.

Foam for Movement Prevention

It's not just external forces that pose a threat to the quality of your products during shipping. Movement of the product within the shipping box can also lead to damage. Foam inserts can be utilized to help prevent product movement. Customized foam inserts are fitted to the exact shape of both your product and the boxes in which products are being shipped.

Egg-crate style foam can stabilize product movement and cushion your packages against impact. Shipping materials that utilize air pockets for movement prevention have the potential to lose volume. Customized foam inserts offer maximum protection for your products.

Foam for Insulation

Some of your shipping concerns might not be related to exterior damage but to the stability of the product itself. Products whose temperature needs to be regulated at all times can be shipped successfully using custom foam inserts.

Expanded polystyrene provides insulation for any products it encases. This means that you will be able to keep your products hot or cold throughout the shipping process, depending on the individual needs of the products themselves.

Foam to Reduce Costs

Shipping products directly to consumers can be costly. If a customer orders multiple products at the same time, you might think that you have to package each item separately in order to prevent damage during shipping.

When you opt to invest in custom foam inserts, you can place all items in a single order in the same box. Foam allows for multiple layers of products to be shipped without the risk of product damage.

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