Form Fill Seal Solutions: How Can You Fill And Seal Your Packages Faster?

Posted on: 29 June 2021

If you use separate machines to fill and seal your packages, it may take you longer than necessary to prepare your items for shipping. If some of your products require extra precautions during the filling and sealing process, you may experience problems as well. You can speed up the packaging process with a horizontal form fill seal machine. Learn more about form fill seal machines and how to choose the right machine for your business below.

What Are Form Fill Seal Machines?

Filling and sealing machines make it easier for companies to package food, hardware components, and other consumer goods. However, using separate machines can be time-consuming for some companies, especially if the companies' products require special packaging steps to secure them. To speed up the packaging process, companies need to use form fill seal machines.

Form fill seal machines, or flow wrapping machines, allow you to fill and seal packages without any outside interference. You don't need to use separate machines or change machines to complete the packaging process. The filling mode generally occurs in the beginning stages of the packaging process, and the sealing mode occurs during the last or end stage of the packaging process. The process allows you to fill, seal, and ship your products out on time and safely.

If you're interested in using a form fill seal machine for your needs, contact an industrial machine supplier soon. 

Which Form Fill Seal Machine Should You Order?

An industrial machine supplier will generally offer several types of form fill seal machines to buyers, including horizontal form fill seal machines. Horizontal form fill seal machines typically come with multiple filling modes and sealing modes. The different modes allow you to fill and seal multiple packages securely and quickly.

In addition to the features above, horizontal form fill seal machines allow you to use different processing methods for your packages. You can use the hot fill method, the clean fill method, and the ultra fill method.

The hot fill method allows you to fill and seal medications and other items that can't be exposed to germs and bacteria. The packaging must be able to withstand high temperatures during the hot fill method.

The clean fill and ultra fill methods allow you to fill and seal products that spoil quickly, such as frozen dairy and cheese. Each method keeps out things that can contaminant your goods, such as bacteria and germs. You don't use or need heat to complete the clean fill and the ultra fill methods.

If you're ready to speed up the fill and seal process in your company, contact an industrial machine supplier today.