How To Successfully Work With Hex Head Bolts

Posted on: 3 January 2022

If you're looking for a fastener that's very easy to grip, one of the better solutions is a hex head bolt. It has six sides that you can grip effectively with the appropriate tools. Just make sure you work with these fasteners in the following ways to truly benefit from their attributes.

Go with Coatings for Improved Performance

Hex head bolts have a lot of great properties, but you can get a lot more by going with bolts that have been coated. This isn't that difficult a customization to complete for bolt manufacturers. You just need to decide what type of coat is appropriate for hex head bolts.

For instance, if you are setting these fasteners up around some humid environments, then you might want a coating that protects against corrosion. Or maybe chemicals are a potential threat, in which case you need coatings that protect against chemical damage.

Inspect Used Hex Head Bolts Before Using

You may decide to reuse some of your hex head bolts with various projects. If so, make sure you carefully inspect the bolts before securing them into materials again. Used varieties could potentially have wear that you need to account for prior to inserting them into anything.

Pay attention to things like scratches, warped sections, corrosion, and worn-down hex heads. If you notice any of these signs of wear, then see what you can do from a restoration standpoint. You may be able to fix these issues and then get better performance out of these fasteners. If you can't, then just find used hex head bolts that are in better condition. 

Be Aware of Slacking

One of the more important problems to stay mindful of when using hex head bolts is slacking. This basically means the bolts come loose over time, which can happen when there is a lot of movement and vibration around the hex head bolt.

If you're using bolts that will be around these conditions, you just need to keep an eye out for slacking on a consistent basis. Then as soon as you see these bolts starting to come loose, you can tighten them and even use more permanent solutions that keep them in place.

If you plan on using hex head bolts in a project, it helps to follow certain protocols. Then you can avoid a lot of complications and truly get the most out of these unique fastening solutions.