Your Refinery Needs Turnaround Management Services

Posted on: 9 June 2022

Turnaround management services are used to manage refinery construction and maintenance work that cannot be completed during normal operations. These services are necessary as they cost a lot less than a full-blown shutdown of the process, whether it happens regularly or just once in a while. Turnarounds generally require many different specialists in order to perform tasks throughout the process. In some cases, a refinery can force an unscheduled shutdown for updates that are too large to be done in pieces.

Keeping Your Facility Shape

A facility turnaround is a service that involves refurbishing a refinery to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental performance. This can be performed on an existing refinery or on a refinery that has been closed down for some time.

Turnaround management services are provided by experienced engineers who can assist with projects such as:

  • General overhauls of oil refining equipment
  • Replace valves, pumps, piping, and other equipment
  • Install new boilers and turbines
  • Improvements in the process flow systems

These simple upkeep and maintenance tasks can help ensure your facilities are running properly. 

Avoiding Downtime

The key to avoiding downtime is planning. Proper planning will ensure that your refinery will be ready to resume operations quickly and safely.

The first step in planning for a turnaround is to understand the risks associated with each potential cause of downtime. You also need to know what resources are available to respond quickly if an issue does arise during the turnaround.

Along with your emergency response plan, it's important to develop tools for monitoring equipment conditions throughout the process so that you can identify problems early on before they become serious issues that could lead to an extended outage. 

Safely Managing Turnarounds

Turnaround management services help refineries schedule their maintenance periods so that they do not interfere with each other. These companies also manage the safety aspects of these projects, making sure that employees are trained to handle any problems during the shutdowns. This ensures that all work is completed safely and on time while minimizing potential risks to workers and equipment.

The best turnaround management companies offer more than just logistical support during these projects — they also offer training programs for both workers and managers who are involved in their operations. This helps ensure that everyone understands how to properly manage their responsibilities during these projects without putting themselves or others at risk.

Refinery turnaround management services can be very helpful when planning to do maintenance on your refinery.