Advice For Companies Purchasing Bridge Monitoring Sensors

Posted on: 22 July 2022

If you have a company that puts together bridges around various sites, one of the most important resources you'll want to invest in is bridge monitoring sensors. They can keep track of things like movement and vibrations, providing your team with key safety information. You just want to follow these guidelines when purchasing them for a bridge project coming up.

Make Sure Location Alerts Are Provided

Whenever there is a structural shift with a bridge that your company developed, you want to make sure you're able to identify the exact problem area so that you can make the right adjustments that ultimately improve bridge safety.

In that case, make sure you look for bridge monitoring sensors that offer precise location alerts. Whether there's a crack or corrosion starting to develop, you want these sensors to provide data on the exact location so that you can shut the bridge down and get to completing meaningful repairs/restorations right away. 

See What Monitoring Sensors Can Detect

Not all bridge monitoring sensors are going to work the same. They can vary in terms of the things they pick up with bridge activity. You want to find out exactly what things a bridge monitoring sensor can pick up so that you can focus on the right variety early on in this search process.

Some of these things might include humidity, fretting, tendon strain, wire breaks, vibration, and faults. Basically the more things these sensors can pick up, the better your bridge company is going to be as far as responding to red flags before it's too late.

Find a Set That Isn't Prone to False Alerts 

What you don't want to happen after setting up bridge monitoring sensors on a bridge that was just developed is false alerts. This would ultimately waste your time because there is no real threat that warrants your time and attention.

You can easily find bridge monitoring sensors that aren't prone to false alerts if you make sure they're reliable and verify their accuracy with the manufacturer that made them. Choosing monitoring sensors that have been on the market for a while also helps because they probably have proven accuracy and reports that show this. 

If you develop a bridge, you have the ability to monitor its condition and status thoroughly by investing in bridge monitoring sensors. Just make sure you get a variety that is able to remain accurate and provides detailed reports.