Heat Shrink Tubing — Buying Tips For Wire Insulation And Protection

Posted on: 23 February 2023

If you need to insulate wires that will be placed outside, heat shrink tubing is one of the materials you can use. The tubing will shrink down around wires after being heated and provide protection from the elements. Just make sure you consider the following things.

Study Specific Wires That You're Buying For

Wires can vary in a lot of ways, such as their size and materials. It's thus important you review your wires' specific properties before you buy heat shrink tubing. Look at their physical properties and then assess the environments that they'll be set up around.

You can then narrow in on specific heat shrink tubes that provide the type of protection you're looking for. You'll make a compatible selection and subsequently get exactly what you want out of these materials. 

Find a Supplier That Has Their Shrink Ratios Dialed In

The most unique thing about heat shrink tubing is it will shrink down after heat is applied to it. The degree of shrinking can vary and will be characterized by a ratio. Ideally, you want to buy heat shrink tubing from a supplier that has their shrink ratios dialed in.

Then you'll know exactly how small tubing will get around wires so you can plan accordingly. Suppliers that put their tubing through ample heat tests and prove their shrink ratios can give you ample confidence about this transaction. 

Go With a Heavy-Duty Design When Necessary

There might be situations when it becomes appropriate to get heat shrink tubing with a heavy-duty design when protecting wires that will be exposed outside. As long as you know about these conditions, you can select the right tubing variety each time.

For instance, if you plan to put wires around a location where the elements are pretty severe or there are harmful chemicals that you need to protect against, then it may be a good idea to get heavy-duty heat shrink tubing. Then you can trust the tubing will continue to provide adequate protection and keep wire damage from happening for a long time.

Heat shrink tubing makes it very easy to insulate and protect wires that are set up outside. If you need to buy any tubing, you just want to look at key factors like where the tubing will be set up, how much it needs to shrink, and the type of protection it needs to provide.

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