Copper Or Brass? 3 Tips To Tell The Two Apart

Posted on: 13 December 2022
Scrap yards play an important role in recycling metal materials. Collecting old metal components can be a great way for you to generate additional cash since a scrap yard typically pays for most reusable metal items. Copper and brass are two types of metal that you will likely come across while collecting scrap. It's important that you are able to separate these two metals from one another if you want to maximize your profit.
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Advice For Companies Purchasing Bridge Monitoring Sensors

Posted on: 22 July 2022
If you have a company that puts together bridges around various sites, one of the most important resources you'll want to invest in is bridge monitoring sensors. They can keep track of things like movement and vibrations, providing your team with key safety information. You just want to follow these guidelines when purchasing them for a bridge project coming up. Make Sure Location Alerts Are Provided Whenever there is a structural shift with a bridge that your company developed, you want to make sure you're able to identify the exact problem area so that you can make the right adjustments that ultimately improve bridge safety.
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Your Refinery Needs Turnaround Management Services

Posted on: 9 June 2022
Turnaround management services are used to manage refinery construction and maintenance work that cannot be completed during normal operations. These services are necessary as they cost a lot less than a full-blown shutdown of the process, whether it happens regularly or just once in a while. Turnarounds generally require many different specialists in order to perform tasks throughout the process. In some cases, a refinery can force an unscheduled shutdown for updates that are too large to be done in pieces.
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Useful Tips For Purchasing Replacement Spray Nozzles For Cooling Towers

Posted on: 17 March 2022
If your worksite relies on a cooling tower, there are a lot of components you'll eventually need to replace. If you're planning to swap out spray nozzles in particular, make sure you approach this investment in a couple of ways. Find the Right Flow Rate In terms of how spray nozzles perform around cooling towers, one of the most important attributes to focus on is flow rate. This determines the amount of water that's sprayed inside your cooling tower at certain intervals, and this attribute needs to be perfect in order to get the most out of said system.
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